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Meet the Staff of Killeen Auto Brokers

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Edgar Garcia - Owner

254 526-4889 - edgarg@hot.rr.com

I've built our business on quality, trust and fair business practices, and, for over 27 years I have proudly served our central Texas communities. We specialize in creative financing and can often get the financing you need. I invite you to drop by, enjoy the friendly atmosphere and let us assist you with your next automotive purchase.

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James Draeger - Auto Broker

254-526-4889 -

James Draeger is a manager here at Killeen Auto Brokers. James is from California and served in the Army from 1991 to 2003. James has over 15 years experience in the car business here in central Texas in service and sales.
And is well known for his professionalism self-fortitude, integrity and morale. James has a great compassion for not only his family but the car business as well. With James' experience in the car business, he will do whatever it takes to make a customer happy.

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Rusty French - Auto Broker

254-526-4889 - russellwfrench@yahoo.com

Rusty French the heart of our salesforce for 7 seven years now. Rusty provides our customers with valuable information,
making the sales process fun and enjoyable for our customers. Rusty has decades of sales experience as well as being a business owner himself. 
Rusty is so much fun to be around and always has a good joke to share. Rusty makes us laugh every day.

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Greg Swayne - Auto Broker

254-526-4889 - gskilleenautobrokers@yahoo.com

Greg has been in sales for about 6 years and is a Navy veteran. Greg is very knowledgeable about all makes and models, and with his experience, he brings a lot to the table for customers. Greg loves helping customers get approved, who feel like they have been everywhere else but did not get any positive results. So come on to Killeen Auto Brokers, and let Greg make your dream come true.

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Darrin Wilson - Auto Broker

254-526-4889 - killeenautobrokersbk@gmail.com

Darrin Wilson, our in-house accountant with 18 years experience. Darrin also served four years
in the NAVY prior to his accounting career. Darrin is also a certified chef, specializing, in Italian cuisine.
Darrin is a great guy and an excellent conversationalist.

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Gustavo Torres - Internet Sales

254-251-9879 - gtkilleenautobrokers@gmail.com

Gustavo Torres (aka Gus) has been in sales over 15 years. Gus's focus is primarily on internet clients but will drop everything to help a customer on the sales floor. Gus loves helping everyone and will go the extra mile to help the team meet our goals. Gus's favorite topic is the sales process and how it applies to a product.

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Joseph Brown - Auto Broker

254-526-4889 -

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